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Protege offers customized private school and university application assistance. Let Protege's expertise place you in your dream school.

Our Full-Service Customized Application Management Program Includes the Following:

  • Strategic Guidance

  • Advice on School Selection

  • Application Writing

  • Application Logistics

  • Interview Preparation

  • Timeline Management

  • Admissions Correspondence

  • Travel Logistics

  • Interview Accompaniment

Protege's one-on-one comprehensive approach causes students to stand on their own merits while teaching them how to present themselves in the manner that will be most effective for admissions.


There are less expensive alternatives, but none understand better the mindset and motivations of admissions personnel.

Customized Application Management

Test Prep

Customized Test Preparation Programs

Protege's customized teaching achieves the highest test scores because it's much more efficient. We use the best teachers available and have them instruct one-on-one to teach precisely the content and skills needed by the particular student. Even students from the same academic background have vastly different aptitudes. While teaching groups is practical, social, and less expensive, the amount of learning experienced in a group environment is far less than in a one-on-one environment.

Available Anywhere

Our teachers are available to travel to where you are, providing the convenience you want and ability to get the best preparation in your own country.

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