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All Mentored University and Boarding School Students Experience GPA Improvement

Give your child the advantage of personalized assistance to ensure academic success. Protege identifies weaknesses and impediments and removes them so that your rising star can shine


Protege's comprehensive mentoring provides academic and emotional support combined with professional guidance to ensure that your child's dreams can be realized.

Admissions preparation is only the beginning. International educational systems offer a variety of opportunity ladders to attain higher levels. Whether your child is preparing for admissions or already enrolled, your Protege mentor will provide your child's own pathway to progress. Contact us now.

Customized Learning 
Protege's Mentoring Program Is The Most
Comprehensive and The Most Personalized

No student's success is by chance. Protege specializes in guiding its students individually with its comprehensive mentoring program. Students are trained in cross-cultural socialization, scholastic and study skills, goal-setting, and long-term strategic planning. Each student's mentor is on call 7 days a week during the school year to provide assistance and support.


Each mentor is available to drop everything and travel to your child to provide assistance or just to get to know your child better.

Great things come from great relationships.

Let The Mentor
Come to You
The Test Prep Mills
Versus Customized Preparation

Here's why test prep classes can never compete with an individual teacher providing customized instruction.

The Placement Marketing Trick

Have you seen an admissions agent touting acceptances at top schools? Here's the story behind it, including the marketing gimmicks employed.

Each student's needs are unique and dynamic. Protege utilizes its vast academic and mentoring expertise to provide the student a personalized learning experience that is adapted to the student's needs. Through individual learning, the student is taught at the greatest level of efficiency, covering each topic as long as is necessary. Rather than following a system, Protege focuses on exactly what the student needs for success.

Only Protege offers customized learning and mentoring at any location in the world. Our instructors are available to stay in your child's  vicinity to provide the ultimate combination of quality and convenience.

Whether online or in-person, your child will benefit from a close and caring mentor.

The Essay Accepted by The Top Ten

Martin Altenburg was accepted by all eight Ivy League Universities plus Stanford and MIT.


Here's an essay directly from Martin's application.

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